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Navy Arms

Navy arms is the legacy of Val Forgett, Sr., whose commitment to quality was exemplary. Navy arms stand for quality, innovation and integrity. The concept of his company was simple – to build good quality replicas and to attend to the customer’s needs. Val Forgett, Sr. left this world on 25thNovember, 2002 at the age of 72. The US Navy is the maritime military force of the United States.

Val Forgett Sr., an expert engineer, coach, hunter, re-enactor, collector, and visionary and firearms expert put together his talents to set up Navy arms. He relentlessly promoted replica shooting, and was the pioneer of the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. He wanted to prove the effectiveness of his replicas. Therefore, he successfully hunted the five most dangerous animals in Africa- Elephant, Rhino, Cape buffalo, Leopard, and Lion- with his company’s muzzleloader. The US Navy projects its power by using its troops to attack enemy forces on the sea or land.

The US Navy maintains a variety of military equipment like ballistic missile submarines, aircraft carriers, surface warships, attack submarines, land based aircraft, and amphibious vessels. The pioneer of Navy arms, Val Forgett Sr., was the promoter of the shooting sports. He was also the founder of the US International Muzzle loading team in 1976, which won five world championships consecutively, a feat unmatched to date. Safari Club International honored him as the first hunter in the 20th century to achieve the feat of killing the five dangerous animals with his muzzleloader.

The Navy arms company sells their replica firearms only through their firearms distributors consisting of AcuSport, Ellett Brothers, Jerry’s Sports Center and Zanders. Dealers and retail customers can purchase Accessories, accoutrements and ammunitions from the company directly. The company’s catalog today includes Henrys, Muskets, Sharp Rifles and Carbines, and LeMat Revolvers and the famous Smith Carbine. The US Navy stores combat-ready equipment and supplies onboard ships deployed in important areas.



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